Metal Casing:It functions as frame work and enhances the strength of the body.

  Spring:Garter spring forces the lips in contact with axial plane under constant compression force

Unless specified otherwise, our company use following materials for all metal cases and garter springs.

Use Metal Case Garter Spring
General Carbon Steel Sheet AISI#1008-1010 Carbon Steel Wire AISI-1070
Resistance to water; chemical and corrosion Stainless Steel Sheet (AISI-304) Stainless Steel Wire (AISI-304)

  Rubber:Rubber material should be inclusion-free, non- contaminative to lubricants and non-corrosive to metal.
Rubber materials and properties comparison
Compound compatibility chart
  HIGH TEMP REST. (°C) 120 232 205 150
  LOW TEMP REST. (°C) -35 -50 -26 -0
  Durometer 70~90 70~80 70~80 70~80
  Swell Low Medium Low Low
  Abrasion Resistance A D C C
  Rebound B C C C
  Tear B D C C
  Impact Strength B D C D
  Gas Impermeability B D B C
  Tensile Strength B D B D
  Elongation B A D D
  Heat Resistance C A A B
  Cold B A C D
  Weathering C A A B
  Ozone D A A B
  Flame D A A B
  Oil And Fuel resist. B C A B
  Acid B C B C
  Alkaline B D B D
  Water B B B D
  Animal & Vegetable oil A B A A
  Alcohol B B B B
  Aliphatic-Solvent B B B B
  -Aliphatic A D A A
  -Aromatic B D A C
  Oxygenated-Solvent D C D D
  * Note: A=Excellent ; B=Good ; C=Fair ; D=Poor.

  Enabling material adoption in engineering plastics:
  • Nylon resin :  Good shock absorbing property, high wear resistant, good thermo-stability, and excellent sliding properties. Usually used on highly mobile parts. Application: power steering seal.
  • PU :  High in tenacity, good extensibility and non-water-absorbing. High wear resistant and high in impact resistance value. Application: U/ V Packing
  • PTFE :  White and black are 2 common types. It’s most thermo-stable among engineering plastics. It has excellent anti-corrosive property to chemicals and lowest coefficient of friction value. Common working temperature is -70~270℃. Application: PTFE oil seals are most widely used in chemical plants and machine shops, even OEM orders usually prefer to use this material.